‚ÄčMaking Dreams Come True

Amy Whyte
Owner, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mom,
Wedding Planner and Event Coordination Specialist

Whyte Weddings & Events has been a day dream, until now. I’ve worked in a realm of different positions in the event planning industry since Fall of 2001. I started off in higher education planning monthly student activities, campus events, programming and training for student leaders. Somewhere along the way I transitioned to corporate America and began working on planning quarterly training and events in the IT industry, Homecoming and Alumni gatherings for my Alma Maters, and in the last 5 years, I’ve added weddings to this list. After consistently being asked for a business card, I knew this day dream needed to take off. And here we are now. Whyte Weddings & Events. Any kind of event, any kind of wedding. Give me a call.

My favorite part of event planning is making the day everything you want it to be. There isn't anything more rewarding than a happy bride who tells me her day was perfect, a kid telling me that was the best birthday ever, or a family saying thanks for making that so special. 

Turning Your Vision into Reality